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Ice cream was the kind of thing you didn't really make a case against. Unless it would, y'know, kill you or something. Then maybe you could get away with it. Otherwise though, it was pretty much the shit. That'd be why despite knowing for a fact that one half of the Brooks brothers was working the counter today, he was rolling into Diamondback's with a smile.


Things would probably stay pretty frosty while he was inside. Danny got all weird when he was around. Well, weirder than usual, which was saying something. Oskar probably wouldn't be an ass, but he reeeeaaally didn't want anything to do with that noise. The dude was kinda a spastic overachiever and way thirsty for attention, and Isaac's well of fucks was bone-dry today. This was a simple in and out job, no need for complications.

He tried to keep that in mind as his eyes drifted around the parlor and his feet carried him up to the counter, searching for what kind of trouble he could get into in here if he tried. Purely for speculation's sake to keep his mind occupied while he waited for Danny to get it together, of course. He'd never mess with a guy during his work hours, Scout's Honor.

Course, he never did do much with the Scouts, so maybe his "honor" was a little patchier than it should have been. He didn't figure on that being an issue, though.
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