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Danny, upon hearing the door make that little tinkling noise of the door opening, stretched out his arms as though Oskar was a traveling water salesman in the middle of a desert. Or a camel. Camels had water inside them, didn't they? He should google it.

Oskar was cool. Super-cheery and bubbly and all that. Really good at all that cheerleading stuff, which was like one step off from dancing, so that made him cool. And okay, Danny might have mistaken him for a girl first time they met and mistakes--awkward, flirting mistakes--may have briefly spawned from that understanding, but that was water under the bridge. Or something.

"Thank god you're here. It's so empty here. I'm so bored. I'm dying. Entertain me or you'll be responsible for my death from boredom." Danny grinned and stopped the melodrama before leaning on the counter. "Seriously, what's up? Stuff good? You want some ice-cream? That's cool." After a pause, he digested his accidental pun and laughed. "Heh. 'Cool.'"
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