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Oskar Pearce wouldn’t call the Diamondback Ice-Cream Parlour one of his regular haunts.

As much of a sweet tooth as he possessed, it was rare for him to indulge it in every single café and eatery in town. His spare income was pretty scant nowadays, and it was a fat chance that he’d allow himself to consume just as many calories as his heart desired. All the pilates and cheerleading routines in the world couldn’t make up for a slow metabolism and a strong weakness for chocolate, so abstaining from it was usually his method of choice.

Some days, however, Oskar really needed something sweet. A burst of sugary goodness was just the trick to keep up his energy and peppiness, especially when the stresses and events of the day had steadily been whittling away at it. Unfortunately, his very favourite café was temporarily closed, so instead of acquiring a mug of his favourite Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate – the desire for which had been gradually escalating throughout the day – he’d instead set off on an impromptu search for a suitable replacement.

It didn’t take him long to settle on Diamondback. It’d been a family favourite, way back when he was little and things were easier, and he knew that a fair few of his classmates worked there. Even if he didn’t have the good fortune to run into one of them, he could still snatch a few moments of quality conversation with whomever served him as a consolation prize. All of the friends he’d contacted were sadly otherwise preoccupied or hadn’t yet responded to his texts. It seemed like it’d been forever since he’d properly talked to someone, and he felt that if he didn’t manage it soon he’d go stir crazy.

Crazy wasn’t a good look on him.

His mind made up, Oskar strode into the parlour, the top-knot he’d pulled his hair into bobbing in his wake and his ugg boots padding softly against the tiled floor. As he took in his newfound surroundings, the carefully maintained warm visage that Oskar projected over his features quickly gave way to a much more genuine grin. Daniel Brooks wasn’t someone he was particularly close to, but he was a familiar, friendly, and popular face, and right now Oskar really couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Sadly, the parlour was wholly empty save for the two of them, but while Oskar preferred to be around as many people as possible, he could at least take comfort in the knowledge that he was assured at least a semi-decent conversation.

“Hey Danny!” He chirped, energy instantly picking up as he bounced jovially towards the counter. “How’re you?”
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