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((Daniel 'Danny' Brooks continued from Having Fun Isn't Hard.))

Work was boring. Work was sooo boring. Capitalism or whatever it was that made jobs and money necessary was balls. Why couldn't the world just be made in a way that let him dance or draw shit or whatever instead of standing here?

Danny tried not to look bored as he stood at the counter, staring at the metric shitload of ice-cream, because he'd gotten yelled at already today for being late to work. He didn't want to push his luck. But, as great a food as ice-cream was, it was very hard to look excited about it. Especially with no customers currently in the place.

He drummed his fingers against the counter and hummed a tune under his breath, before bouncing around a little on his feet. He was in a dancing mood, and it was making his feet itchy. It couldn't be that long until his break, could it? Could it?!

Oh my god, it had only been half an hour since he got there.

Time was the worst.
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