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Alice was happy for them to continue their conversation in the cafe, and that at least was a small weight off of Bryony’s mind. She could only hope that the cafe wasn’t too full. Or, actually, no, if it was empty then the staff would be able to hear every word of their conversation. Now she hoped the cafe was packed, but then the people next to their table would be able to hear them, if they were inclined to eavesdrop…

Bryony’s mind was filled with conflict as she slowly made her way to the cafe alongside Alice. She needed to get this off of her chest. She had to. The longer it stayed there, the more doubt crept into her mind. And the more doubt that was in her mind, the stupider her worries seemed and the worse she felt and the less inclined she was to say anything.

Luckily, the cafe was neither completely empty nor totally full. There were a few patrons scattered around, filling the air with light chatter. Bryony slowly sat down opposite Alice, putting the bag with her statues in on the table in front of her. For a good while, she couldn’t even look at her friend, staring out of the window at the world outside. Once or twice, she turned, opened her mouth, then closed it again without saying a word. Eventually, Bryony managed to find her voice.

“I… I…”

It was barely a whisper. She sounded like she hadn’t had a drink for days. Bryony looked down, swallowed, then tried again.

“I… I don’t want to go home…”
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