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Nathan was willing to listen. Thank god. That improved his chances of getting out of here alive. He clutched the snowball he had in his hand a little harder. It still could go wrong. Things were looking a little better for him, though. Now there was only one person he had to really worry about. He smiled a bit. Jeremy Frasier was somehow going to make it through a physical encounter the victor, so long as he didn’t mess this up. He replied to Nathan, keeping quiet so that Darius wouldn’t overhear. He couldn’t get cocky about this, he still had a bit to go before he was the victor of this encounter.

“Yeah, I got a plan to take him down.” And it was actually a pretty good plan, too, considering that he made it up on the spot. No way Darius was going to get out of this one without getting hit. “Darius is hiding behind that car,” he said, pointing to where he thought Darius was. “It gives him cover, but he can’t see anything, so if we sneak up on him on both sides of the car, we should-”

Darius then stood up from behind the car, and threw a snowball.

“Nathan, duck!” He shouted, far louder than it should have been. Now Darius knew Jeremy’s position. Not that he could really do anything about it, though; while the fire hydrant was a bad hiding place it worked so long as Darius was on the other side of the road, but that was a problem if he wanted to move. It was kinda like one of those cover shooters that seemed to be popular at school. Whoever exits cover first loses and gets shot up, and considering Jeremy, he was probably going to lose.

But he had Nathan on his side, and a strategy. The game wasn’t over yet.
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