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And then everybody suddenly got interested in what Jeremy was writing. And now things were super awkward for him, yayyyyyyy. Jeremy didn’t really like showing things off if they weren’t finished yet, and his writing was definitely not an exception to this. There was something that would just be… lost if there wasn’t a conclusion to the story. There were movies he remembered watching where there outright wasn’t an ending at all. It’d just be in the middle of a scene and then BAM credits. Kinda left him feeling robbed, really.

It was only really a couple of sentences though, and it was only like, scene setting and stuff. He doubted that a reader could gain a connection to the story with just that, so it’d be fine. Wait, no, it wouldn’t. That was probably worse. It was a total lose-lose situation.

Anyway, the two people who Jeremy attracted the attention of were Samuel Howard and Mistress Adelaide. Samuel was a quiet dude, and Jeremy didn’t know what he did. He didn’t seem to be an asshole though, and he was friends with Harold, so he couldn’t be too bad. Adelaide, however, was somebody that Jeremy hated even more the more he had to be near her. Always thought that she was higher than everybody else. He kinda hated his seating arrangement because of that; apparently Miss Webber thought it was a good idea that the two students who openly hated one another should sit next to each other.

Not so great an audience, but an audience nonetheless. He picked up the paper, swinging it around so that they could both see the writing, even though at this range they likely couldn’t see it. “Yeah, writing. Kinda want to be a novelist when I get out of here. Kinda going through several different concepts to see what works, this one here is about a teenage vigilante.”

Oh and it seemed that Jerry wanted something to write with. Did he seriously come to school without bringing anything? Anyway, he might as well try to help to help. He clutched his pocket to see if there was any spares he had. Apparently not.

“Sorry, only brought the one I have here.”
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