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((Jonathan Gulley - pregame start))

Jonathan was walking to meet up with the others. He could have ask Michael for a ride. Or he could have 'borrowed' his dad's car. But no. He had to be stubborn and try to do things by himself. Besides, it wasn't too far away where he had to meet them anyway. He promised himself that he wouldn't do stuff like this anymore. But when Alex told him that his best friend, Michael Crowe, was coming. He couldn't resist and he had to tag along. And what they were going to do did sound like it would be a lot of fun. He was also wondering how many people would be there as he wandering down the road. He shifted his shoulder slightly with his bag on it. His gear was already in there. His parents didn't even know that he was out. Oh well. What they didn't know couldn't hurt them. He wasn't going to get in trouble out here anyway.

A few minutes later after he had arrived to his destination, he could see that Alex and Michael were having a conversation with each other. Huh.... So they were the only ones here? He thought that there would be more people. But he guessed that only three people doing this would be alright. He felt a tingle of excitement inside of him. He couldn't wait to have fun. Beside, he needed a break from studying. Ugh, studying. He didn't even want to THINK about that right now. So he make sure to block it out of his head for now.

As he approached the other boys, he could hear Michael stumbling to speak clearly to Alex. He chuckled quietly under his breath. He couldn't blame Michael for that. Alex was a guy that they didn't really talk to. But this was possibly a great time to get to get to know Alex better. Oh, wait. Didn't Alex do acting or something? He couldn't remember that well. Oh, well. He could just ask him about it whenever. He stopped for a moment and he glanced down at his clothes. He was wearing a lot of black. He was hoping that this was suitable for a paintball fight. He had never done this before. So this was a new experience for him. He cleared his throat and he give the others his best smile. Heck, he was happy to be here so he should act like he is too.

"Hey, guys? Are we all ready to have some fun around here?" He piped up with a cheerful tone in his voice and he gave the guys a small wave in greeting. "So it's only the three of us, huh? That's cool. I am totally up for this. I've never done this before. So this should be a lot of fun."
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