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((Super sorry this took so long! For whatever reason it just kept on escaping me, whenever I tried to write it ;-; ))

Mia was always a little worried whenever Pepper was around new people, particularly if said new people had animals with them. He had always been the more excitable of her two dogs, and given he had now encountered three new people and one new dog, she’d been almost certain he’d go slightly mental around them. Thankfully, it seemed as though this run had taken more out of Pepper than she’d assumed, as he seemed content to just sit by Mia’s side, tail wagging and tongue lolling out. Mia absent-mindedly continue to stroke his head as she talked with the two others.

She did have to frown a little as Jane attempted to haggle for the price of the sweater. It seemed a little unnecessary to Mia; ten bucks wasn’t a ridiculously steep price to be asking for, after all. She guessed ‘the customer was always right’, and all that, but eh. It still seemed a little rude. Maybe that was why she never, ever wanted to work in retail.

Whatever. It wasn’t worth getting too worked up about, really. Mia focused instead on what Nathan had been telling her. She giggled as she imagined exactly what she’d look like in one of those sweaters.

“Haha, man, I don’t like, y’know, judging books by covers, but if I saw myself wearing that at school, I don’t think I’d wanna be friends with myself!”

Mia picked up the copy of Left Behind that Nathan had mentioned. It told her absolutely nothing about what was inside, but the anti-recommendation made her intrigued, more than repulsed. Mia hardly ever read for fun; hell, she hardly ever read for school either. There just wasn’t enough time in the day for reading when she had to do literally anything else. Still though…

“Man, now I wanna pick this up and see just how bad it could actually be.” Mia said, grinning. “You know you’re sending me down a dark path, right? You got any other recommendations so I’m not tempted by this scourge upon literacy?”

Mia really had no idea when she’d even be able to read any of the books scattered on the table in front of her. Maybe on a long, boring car journey she could catch a few chapters or something.


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