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And then Henry left. That was sudden. It was a little weird, too. He kinda just stood up, started talking about an English assessment he had and then left out of nowhere. Not before he gave Audrey his phone number though. He chuckled.

“Hey, he gave you his phone number. He’s a keeper.” Okay, that probably wasn’t the best way to say it, especially to someone he just met, but eh, whatever. Didn’t really matter. He only really met her by chance so he doubted that he’d meet her again unless he seeked her out. Come to think of it, how long had he been in here? It was at least a couple of minutes.

And as much as he wanted to stay in Memory Lane, wow he wasted time in here and he needed to go home.

“And on that note, turns out that I’m going to be late going home.” He picked up the shopping bags, thankfully without anything in there being damaged. “Sorry.”

He stood up. “See you at Drama, I guess.”

He made sure to wave to her on the way out, at least.

((Ben Fields continued in Prize FIghter))
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