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Voices flashed around Jeremy’s head as he lay on the ground, wounded. Darius, mocking him? Malinger wasn’t really a word that he knew. Nathan, shouting at Darius, going to claim revenge for Jeremy. Nathan threw something, Darius hid. They both seemed to be focusing on each other. Not on him.

And that was their mistake.

Jeremy jumped up from his position, catching himself again with his hands. He checked his surroundings. Footpath, fire hydrant, street lamp. Nothing that could really be used to protect himself. There was a car, but it was on the other side of the street and going across it would break the stealthy operation that he was going under now. The fire hydrant was closest, and would probably provide the best cover. That’s where he would go.

He allowed himself to drop too his lower arms, and crawled. It wasn’t that hard, actually. Gravity was a little annoying, but it didn’t really stop him. Once he got there, and had a position that could cover more of his body, he looked. Darius was nowhere to be seen, Nathan was in the open, but could see him. Probably the biggest threat.

This was a stealthy operation, but it seemed that he had to blow his cover to not get hit again.

“Hey Nathan! Parley?”

He reached his arm behind the fire hydrant and clutched his snow, crushing it and uncrushing it in his hand to make it spherical. As a safety measure. This could go wrong.
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