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That was one of the dumbest snowball dodging manoeuvres Darius had ever seen. Jeremy fell to the ground because of a snowball. Jesus Christ, a fucking snowball, not a stone. Darius did not want to stone him to death with a ball that consisted of frozen water. He did not want to castrate Jeremy with a white ball. It's like Jeremy has never seen snow before. Oh, wait. They were in Kingman.

Anyway, Jeremy lay on the ground for whatever reason that has caused his terrible reaction, but at least Darius had hit him. He was Jeremy Frasier and not Jeremy Anderson after all. But him falling to the ground was still ridiculous. Maybe he was acting.


He giggled.

And a snowball hit his right shoulder-breast thing. The body part between his right shoulder and his right breast. Anatomy, not one of Darius' strengths.

Darius didn't expect that, but then he remembered Nathan was also here. Maybe Jeremy malingered for Nathan to support him? Nathan, the good person of Kingman. He laughed about being hit, after finding his balance again as he had received knockback. Nathan wanted to play with him, nice. It's gonna be fun.

After giving Nathan a big smile, he ran towards a car that was parking on the street and took snow from the roof of the car to form a new snowball. Then he hid behind the car and was ready to shoot at Nathan. He had a car as a cover, he had a new snowball. The snowball fight now had 3 participants. Awesome.
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