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The other two started to work on the frosting. Alvaro looked over at them. Alba was beating the butter, and he was pretty sure that Andrew was trying to mix stuff. They seemed to have the frosting under control so there really wasn’t anything that Alvaro could do really. Which sucked. Alvaro loved cooking and not having anything to do kinda sucked. Probably the worst part of his day so far, which was funny, since it was something so insignificant that he would probably forget about it after his shift at the cafe ended. Oh yeah, he had a double shift today. That meant that he had to push his physics homework back, but that also meant that he could be with Lily a bit, if she came, so yay? He wasn’t sure if she’d come, though. She hadn’t appeared the past couple of days so maybe something was up on her end. Or she hated him after something that was innocuous to him ended up offending her. He hoped that it wasn’t the latter, but it probably was. He’d have to find her and see if she was alone and ask what was up. Maybe then

Wait, no, not now. You’re in class, Alvaro, and there is something that you can do.

He took the mixing bowl, and took it over to the sink. No water in it, whoops. He moved the tap over to the right sink, put the plug in, and started pouring hot water into the sink. He grabbed the detergent and squirted it into the pool of water. He might as well wash the dishes since nobody else was doing it.

Before he did so, though, he moved his finger through the bowl and got off some of the cake mix from it, before licking it.

Tasted good.


And the cake was ready! It didn’t really take that long, since Alvaro was doing the dishes. He always found that doing something and getting invested in it always helped to make the time go by. He sometimes got really invested in chess matches, and after he lost, it would turn out that far more time passed than he thought had passed. Time was a weird thing. Maybe he’d have a bigger look at it after he did his physics homework.

Getting to the topic though, Alvaro grabbed the oven mitts and put them on his hands. He did the same song and dance with the oven, reopening it so that he could take the cake out. He kinda dreaded opening it again, since he figured the heat would be worse since it had more time in the oven cooking something. Someone had to do it, though.

The heat wasn’t actually that bad though, once he opened it. There was a brief surge, but he wasn’t on fire or anything. Kinda like the feeling that you get when you walk into the Kingman sun during summer. He carefully pulled the cake out, and showed it to his two partners.

“And the cake is ready!”

“Barring the frosting, of course.”
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