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Penelope looked up from her game when she heard someone ask what she was playing.

There were three girls at the table. Two of them, Fiyori and Rene, had been there for a while. The other girl, Astrid, had just sat down. Penelope was familiar with who they were as classmates, but she couldn't say she was friends with them. Penelope got ever so slightly annoyed at being asked what she was playing; she never usually drew attention until she started fiddling with a device that evokes curiosity out of people due to whatever novel function it has. Still, she didn't let this annoyance show in her face or in her voice. "Animal Crossing: New Leaf." She answered, abruptly.

Normally Penelope liked interacting with strangers, just for the sake of being a weirdo to them. But when she's in game mode, she would often rather just be left to it. And as much as Penelope would rather just say what she was playing and leave it at that, Penelope figured that simply leaving it probably wouldn't actually accomplish anything. She knew how people worked. Rene would ask another question about the game, and Penelope would respond, not wanting to seem like she was being rude. So, in order to get that out of the way somewhat, she decided to answer the most obvious question ahead of time. "I really like the game for how relaxing it is to play, ya know? There's no real win conditions and there are no real threats, so it's something that's super easy to pass time with." She paused, briefly. "Normally I don't get too into casual games like Animal Crossing, but it's sweet and cute and uninvolved enough that I can give it a pass."

Penelope took a sip of her tea and looked back down at her game, continuing to tap away at the buttons, donating the fossils she had collected from the town that day to the town's museum.
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