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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Jerry had the paper with all of Jeremy’s writing on it. That wasn't good. That wasn't good at all. A writer never showed their craft to other people, at least, not the very first draft. That was a fundamental part of the writers code. Or at least, the writer’s code that Jeremy had made up just then. It was the first draft of the thing and he hadn't waited two months to even look over it yet. Who knows how bad it could be? He needed to get the piece of paper back from Jerry. At any cost. He would kill if he had to. Wait, no he wouldn't. A couple of sentences wasn't worth killing someone over, even if Jerry ripped the paper up he could just try to write it again, that was no real biggie. He remembered a Stephen King book where there was a dude who legit killed another dude because he wanted to read a book by a Stephen king expy. He had never read the book, but that plot was silly enough to be remembered here and now.

Wait. You’re getting distracted, Jeremy.You can’t get distracted, you have to get the piece of paper back from Jerry.

But how to do so? He would need to smooth talk his way into getting the paper back, probably. Ask “Hey, uh, that piece of paper has some super private stuff on it and I’d appreciate it if you gave it back to me.” But wait, then he would just read it out loud to the class, wasn't that what happened in the movies? Shy teenage girl has this SUPER SECRET SECRET that she has and then the bitchy alpha cheerleader goes and reads it in front of the class and then she gets super depressed and stuff. No, doing that wasn't a good idea. Maybe he just needed to be more subtle about it. Maybe he should say “hey, uh, that has some writing on it, wanna switch with an actual clean note and be super cool bros and stuff?” Yeah, that might work. He would just need to do it in a way that was subtle and nicely acted. Otherwise Jerry would catch on and then become a bitchy alpha cheerleader.

Maybe he needed to- oh Jerry just gave the paper back to him. Okay then.

That was cool. Although it seemed that Jerry read it, which sucked. He kinda had a massively smug look on his face that said that he read it. He also commented on it too, which confirmed Jeremy's suspicions. That evil man. That fucking bitch. He would have to go down to the dungeons and spend the rest of his life RUING the day where he decided to accidently read Jeremy Frasier's work by accident since it was on the paper.

He may as well get some writing critique out of it, though.

“Whoops, gave you the piece of paper with something I was writing on it.” He shrugged, getting another piece of paper from his notebook so he could tear it off, giving it to Jerry as a trade.

"Was it good?"
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