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Luckily, it seemed Alice had managed to coax Bryony into opening up. Now hopefully Bryony's problem was something that could be fixed, or at least, something Alice could be supportive of. Not that she didn't have faith in her friend, of course, but there was always the chance Bree was in trouble.

As Bryony paid for the statuette, Alice waited for her to return before replying, "No problem." She smiled reassuringly before moving towards the café.

Now, Alice was pretty confident she wasn't showing it too much, but inside, Alice was starting to feel worried. What if Bryony's issue was silly? Or she was doing something wrong and Alice would be better off not knowing? Or what if-

No, stop it. Bree was a good person, whatever the problem was, it wasn't her. Alice just had to do what made sense and, if nothing else, be there for her friend when it mattered.

Sitting down at a small table in a metal chair, Alice watched Bree, trying to read her face. The worry was clear as day, but Alice didn't know what she was worried about. Not yet, at least.
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