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That smiled died as the light of the sun at dusk, and Lucilly could only watch helplessly as her quarry escaped with nary another word of acknowledgement. Brusque, rude, but Lucilly deigned not to pass judgement. Clearly Alessio had been dealt some dearly crushing blow of spirit. As always, it was but right to let what was beyond her control fall into the judgement of those superior to herself. Others had true providence, lost only before Heaven itself. A hand carefully and deftly managed several loose pins managing the bulk of the knot in her hair, showing in full her prowess as a sewer in other circumstances. Her last pins before market, as the twins had already sequestered the remainder. She would have to be especially judicious with this last bunch.

Without missing a beat, hands still working on her hair, she considered the one young man left by her side. An especially nervous one, carrying all the energy of encounters lost and won in the past few minutes of time. By the glance at his bounty of fruit it seemed he still had yet to lose his lunch. At least someone had not. Lucilly nodded with a smile whose relaxation was far more palpable in prose. She had some words, perhaps, for his consideration.

"Of course! And I'm glad you considered me in the process. I would not have judged or thought any less of you if you'd left at that, however." A nod strong of jaw, as she took her seat beside him, carefully positioning herself so she was neither too close nor too far. Respectful of his space, yet distantly affectionate as one would expect of a friend by fellowship. "Feel free to eat. I have already eaten, I was just out here to walk a bit. It's a lovely day, I didn't want to waste it." A lovely day beaming with the blessing of light, to the point where it was almost too much. Lucilly allowed herself some freedom, rolling up the sleeves of her shirt further to expose her elbows, as was the typical limit of her humble modesty.

"You're no bother," Lucilly giggled politely, trying to reassure. "And I'm willing to talk about whatever you want to talk about, unless you insist I take the initiative! I'll warn you I'm not that good at it though." She reflected on previous discussions in friends where she had been expected to lead. "Inevitably I will discuss books, sewing, or perhaps other things less suitable." Best she exclude her religious tendencies, for the time being. With diplomatic consideration, it was fair to both parties to avoid potential subjects of offense. "You do seem nervous though. I'm sorry if what just transpired was difficult for you. I'm willing to listen, if you need to say anything." They only had a few minutes before they would be called to return to their nests, but for now Lucilly would be what she felt she needed to be. All ears.

((Continued by Bikriki in Be Still))

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