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Brendan was feeling unsure when Alessio said that it was okay to him. But he wasn't going to say anything. He was only going to speak when things were cooling down more. He was a little surprised when Alessio refused Lucilly's offer of letting him use some of her money. But he wasn't going to judge. Everyone had a right to ever say yes or no to someone else's generosity. And then he watched Alessio walk away. Leaving him alone with Lucilly.

He couldn't help but stand in front of her awkwardly. He couldn't decide if he wanted to leave or not. He felt that it would be rude of him to go after Lucilly had just showed up. So he just shook his head and he offered Lucilly a small forceful smile. He glanced at his table which still had his apple on it. He then looked back at Lucilly.

"Hey, Lucilly. I hope that we didn't make you uncomfortable. Uh.... Would you like to take a seat and eat your lunch with me? I would feel like I am being rude if I would just run off and leave you alone."

Although, he did want to run away and hide in his room at home. He sat back down at his table and he picked up the apple. He turned it over a few times in his hand. But he wasn't going to take a bite out of it yet. He tilted his head slightly to look up at Lucilly. Using his other hand to pat the space beside him for her to sit down. He should get to know her more.

"Come and sit with me, Lucilly. We can talk about.... um..... whatever you want. I mean, if you want to. I don't want to be a bother if you don't want to talk to me.... Uh..."

Ugh. His nervousness was coming out and he didn't like it. His confidence was getting lower and lower. Possibly after that little drama with Alessio and Blair. Maybe he should have just stayed quiet.
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