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Ugh, Brendan had to touch him. Pat him. As if, as if...something. As if he was dog. Brendan apologised.

"It's okay."

Lucilly also offered Al lunch.

"No, thanks, Lucilly!", Alessio said with a smile that quickly faded away.

He then stared again at the cookies, thinking about the situation that has happened a few minutes before. Thought about alternative outcomes that could've been. Thought about what he could've done different. Thought about what an asshole Blair was.

Staring at the cookies made his mood worse. He should stop.

He put his cube back into his bag and was ready to go. Get his mind clear. Don't Look Back In Anger. I heard you sayyy. He'd find a better place to play with his cube, without any drama. His mood would be slightly better then.

Alessio stood up, with his bag on his shoulder, smiled at Brendan and Lucilly and went away.

And if Blair returns with the lunch for Al, she could spill it again and he wouldn't give a damn.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Fabulous and Opinionated))
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