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Ah, there were some places man should never have tread, and here would be one of them. Lucilly knew the vague pang of regret for having even spoken, but it would only last for the moment and no more. Before her was the judge and judged, and neither carried themselves in a way especially hospitable. In one sense or another. Lucilly continued to smile with ease of politeness, her demeanor eternal as the sun's sometimes unwelcome passage through the sky.

"I see, I'm sorry." A statement as vague as it was intended to be diplomatic. Lucilly would not allow herself any opportunity to pass judgement onto either boy, that was not her providence. The less she knew the better, a rare case where ignorance was perhaps truly bliss. If there was no wish from the offended parties to speak, she would allow them respite as the lambs of the earth. It seemed Brendan was extending the olive branch of his own accord anyways. She did however, feel a charitable compulsion to aid, as was within her providence. She allowed his issuance of apology, with a slight nod in unconscious acknowledgement of his attempts, and then spoke up in turn:

"Nobody should go without a lunch, in my opinion. We do have a few periods left to clear." As important and venerated as schooling was to her, Lucilly acknowledged that it was not always the most favorite of her peer's institutions. "I brought my lunch from home today so I have my usual lunch money to spare. If you want."

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