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Bree. God. Alice had called her Bree. How often was she called Bree, nowadays? Pretty much nobody outside of her family referred to her as Bree anymore, and even then, that was only when she was feeling particularly shitty. Now, Alice had used it, and if Bryony had had any doubts that her friend was willing, and able, to help her, they had been swiftly dispelled.

Bryony looked up, changing targets from the floor to Alice. She wanted to cry, but she wasn’t going to. Not here, not now, not amongst other people. She knew Alice wouldn’t laugh at her, or make fun of her, or tell her that her problems weren’t worth worrying about. But that wouldn’t stop Bryony herself from feeling that way. She just couldn’t help feel that, for whatever reason, she was getting emotionally carried away, that this was all just her making a big fuss over nothing.

A moment passed. Then Bryony spoke up.

“Um… can you, uh… hold on a second, Alice?”

Bryony turned, and walked towards the gift shop counter, figurines clutched in her hand. Even if it was just her being silly, even if it was just her making a big fuss over nothing, she was feeling that way for a reason. Hadn’t she learnt that keeping everything bottled up inside never ended well?

Bryony paid for the little statues, fumbling in her purse for the change, but managing to muster a smile and a ‘thank you’ for the girl behind the counter, before she walked back over to Alice, statues safe in their little white paper bag.

“Could we, um… could we go someplace else? Like the café or something?”


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