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Brendan didn't want to sound like he just ganged up on Alessio but he just couldn't stand it when people lied. He didn't know if he caused more drama to make things worse. Oh. Blair was leaving to get something for Alessio to eat. That was very generous of her. Hopefully things have worked out for the better. He didn't want any more conflict today. Even if he did cause it. Maybe he shouldn't have said anything in the first place.

He stood beside Alessio for a few moments, feeling awkward. Before someone finally showed up. That someone was Lucilly Peterson. He only really knew her name. And they would say hellos when they passed each other in the hallway. But that was it. He scratched his cheek as he felt like he should be leaving. But he didn't move as he wanted to listen to the others' conversation. He didn't know why.

Oh? Lucilly was asking about the mess on the ground and Brendan just stayed silent. This was a question that Alessio should answer. And he did. Which was good. He could still feel some tension between him and Alessio. He didn't like that at all. He decided that he had to speak up too. To clear the air or something.

"Yeah, uh.... We kind of got into a..... disagreement about something before you came over, Lucilly. I think I should have not stuck my nose into your business, Alessio. But it is too late now, I guess." Brendan patted Alessio's shoulder lightly and he was thinking of owing him an apology. To cool down the tension between them. It was better to do that than have Alessio as a guy who would possibly dislike him anyway.

"I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry for that unnecessary drama just before with Blair. I've been kind of in a bad mood over some uh.... issues lately. I just wanted to make things better. Not more conflicting. You know? Are we going to be okay?"
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