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"That would be. So. Cool."

Henry's jubilation at this proclamation was palpable. He was almost bouncing in his chair. Him? In a movie? And a horror movie at that? His excitement was like a neutrino; it was uncontainable. Then again, neutrinos were really small, and his enthusiasm for Audrey's suggestion was very large. So that simile was somewhat innacurate.

Regardless. Movie. "I'm so in for that you have no idea. Indie horror is one of my favorite subgenres." Downing the last of his ice cream cone with a gulp, Henry wiped his mouth and grinned even wider. "What if we did like, a crazy psychological thriller-type thing, with creepy noises and minimal on-screen monster stuff, like Jaws?"

Ideas for possible monsters, settings and plotlines were rushing through Henry's head so fast he could barely focus. "Ooh, or what about a demonic possession thing? Oh, oh, or-" A memory triggered in Henry's head. Uh-oh.

"Crap, I forgot I have some homework from my English class. Hey, Audrey, here." Henry grabbed a nearby napkin, plucked a pen from his jacket pocket (he always kept a few on hand just in case) and scrawled something on it. Tossing it onto the table, Henry hurried off, calling back, "Call me later and we can discuss this!"

'Henry Spencer
Ace Protagonist
Call me =)'

((Henry Spencer continued in Hecate on Roman Halloween))
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