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Brendan was trying to make Alessio admit that he did laugh, just to cause more drama. Why. Brendan could've easily helped him out of there by not saying anything and let Al tell Blair and him that something else made him laugh. But, no. Brendan had to try to solve this conflict by himself by playing the adult who tries to solve a conflict between kids.

But Al was no kid anymore, he was 17.

Anyways, it was too late to tell Blair his excuse now, Blair was gone to give him a snack he really did deserve. Al hesitated to say 'thanks' to her, as he was still a bit in a bad mood and because Blair never turned back. Alessio decided to thank her when she returns. He should get over it.

But he couldn't, as the crumbled cookies attracted Alessio's eyes again and Al stared at them again. And the cookies stared at him.

Until Lucilly Peterson came, a girl who...did stuff, he saw her often in school doing stuff, school stuff? Well, he didn't knew her well. But neither did she. 'Alesso'. Hm. He didn't want to correct her. He didn't want to say anything as a reply to her greetings either, as he was still in a bad mood, so he just smiled lightly as a reply to her greetings.

"Me", Alessio said after he raised his hand as a gesture, to answer her question.
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