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Oh Jeremy, funny guy, who managed to give Jerry some good laughs, but also a pretty nice guy, as he gave him a sheet of paper.

"Thanks, dude!"

Jerry took it and put it on his table. Oh, there were writings on it. Jerry read it. It was probably notes on Hamlet.

Robots, dead people and vigilantes. The plot of Hamlet. Or not. Jerry knew that Hamlet was about something else. He read about it on wikipedia. Man, he should finish reading Hamlet for class, but goddamn, the language was terrible.

Oh, Jeremy just gave him another good laugh. Jerry had to laugh out loud when he read the introduction sentence. That was not Shakespeare, either. It was some pseudo-philosophical sentence that was there to brag about the writing skills the writer has. Man, why can't literature be more simple? If people want to flex so badly about their writing skills, they should rap, not write boring books. Rap's more interesting and more worth listening to. But, whatever. If Jeremy likes to write, he should write.

Better give it back. He turned back to Jeremy and showed him the paper, pointing on the scribbled stuff on there.

"What's that?"

He had a big grin.
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