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Lucilly Peterson: Pregame Start
((Continued from Yea, We Did Put All Our Seeds Into The Earth))

The sun beat upon the brows of the children of the Earth, so it came to pass, and so Lucilly passed Blair as she returned to the core of their institution, their lives, the school, while Lucilly continued by.

She sought a moment of respite, and was granted it in a quiet moment of walking meditation following taking her lunch. A premade meal from home, bounty borne from the freezer section of the local Safeway and prepared watchfully by her mother. Fettuccine Alfredo, creamy and wholesome. The taste still lingered, even as her pale skin quailed under the stern gaze of the sun. Thus it was that she rolled up the sleeves of her cotton long sleeve, a forest green and modestly thick as was proper.

Her eyes first found two young men, one large, one small, one boldly manly and one dashingly nondescript. Her eyes would refract gracefully in the sun as she briefly looked at each of them in turn, meeting eyes as was polite. After her notice immediately found a mess of foodstuffs, no longer especially nice to behold, spilled upon the ground. A bountiful harvest, wasted. Or perhaps to be returned to the fauna of the wild, or to the soil of the earth. Who knew how it was ordained, how it was planned? But Lucilly was curious, and she would ask the boys, who she only knew in passing, by name and no more.

"Hi Brendan, Alesso." Lucilly could perhaps tell that there was a foul mood, a miasma amongst those she addressed. To some extent she saw storms in their eyebrows. She would carry herself no differently, but kept a watchful eye for the peace. "Did one of you guys lose your lunch? Quite a mess." Obvious, but reiteration was a tool as potent as any other in the pursuit of justice.

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