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Much to the misfortune of pretty much anyone who got in her way that day, Astrid was in a sour mood. A whole host of stuff had gone wrong for her today. Each one by themselves would have been fine, but having them stack on top of each other, one by one, was like a flame slowly growing, right next to a stack of dynamite.

First of all, Astrid had a headache, which seemed determined to continue tormenting her, no matter how much paracetamol she took. It had been there, just above and behind her eyes, since she’d woken up that morning, and there it remained, sending jolts of pain coursing through her skull during every lesson. Even during her history class earlier, her favourite lesson, she had found it impossible to concentrate properly.

What didn’t help was the fact that she’d ended up getting into a completely pointless argument with some moron during history. They had made some asinine point about the War of the Roses – Astrid could hardly remember what it even was, that was how pointless it was – and she had simply attempted to politely correct him. The guy had been too far up his own ass to actually listen; he’d even attempted to argue the point when Astrid brought out a textbook proving him wrong, for Christ’s sake. Eventually he’d admitted he was wrong, but the damage had already been done. Astrid had left that lesson pissed off and frustrated. Sure, she’d ‘won’ eventually, but it was like winning an argument against a brick wall; an inevitability that just makes everyone feel stupid and annoyed.

To cap it all off, she’d forgotten to bring her lunch today. It wasn’t anything incredibly exciting, just some tuna pasta salad, but she had made it herself so she knew what went into it, unlike… whatever it was they were serving in the cafeteria today.

Astrid looked down at the tray she was holding and made a noise of disgruntlement. Apparently the meat on the plate in front of her was supposed to be beef. She didn’t like beef, and she especially didn’t like ‘beef’ coated in some mystery sauce. But food was still food, and she wasn’t going to go hungry for the rest of the day.

Astrid surveyed the cafeteria, and made another noise of annoyance. For a place that served not-great lunches, and that gave the option to eat outside, the room always seemed to be packed. There were only a few spaces left that she could see, and even they were in danger of being swallowed up. Astrid quickly made her way over to the nearest one, and parked herself at a table containing three other girls. She vaguely recognised them as Penelope, Fiyori and Rene, and she had no interest in any of them. They weren’t in her friendship group, and none of them shared her interests, as far as she was aware. Still, she gave a curt nod in their direction as way of greeting, before settling down and hoping none of them would be too annoying. Penelope was playing on some sort of games console, and whilst Astrid had absolutely no interest in gaming whatsoever, she had no qualms with those who did.

If Penelope decided to turn the volume up obnoxiously loud, however… well, she was gonna be in for a bad time.


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