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Haha, Alessio was getting ganged up on. Damn, this Brendan guy was such a tryhard. 'Oh, don't be mean guys, let's all be friends and bake cookies or some shit!' Hmph. The kid clearly had no experience in the real world. He was probably some weird sadsack kid who grew up on Disney movies. Jesus, Blair was being cynical today. Eh, whatever, she needed to let off some steam.

"It's fine, Al. It can be hard to fess up to your mistakes. Just make peace and move on, I always say." God, she sounded so holier-than-thou it was sickening. The fact that Brendan was so quick to judge the other boy when Blair had been such a straight-up bitch was hilarious. How could someone be so dense? Blair was trying to smother her laughter when an idea struck her.

"Hey, you guys wait here, I'm gonna go grab something from a vending machine to give to Al. You know, since I ruined his cookies. Be right back!" She was lying, of course. Buy something for that little snot? As if! If anything, she'd be spending her hard-earned money on herself, thank you very much. Hell, if she wanted she might try to go home sick today and skip the rest of her classes. Not like it was hard to get out of class, just saying 'my chest hurts' was enough usually. The one advantage of her disease, she supposed, was that she could use people's sympathy against them when she wanted.

With another bought of hacking as a goodbye, Blair headed off towards the school. She didn't look back.

((Blair Moore continued in Stuck))
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