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((Jeremy Frasier's Memories, continued from Everything You've Always Wanted to Know))

Snow. The condensing of cold air up in the sky into random solid things that get affected by gravity and fall upon the ground to be stepped on by humans before melting. Something like that, anyway; Jeremy never really bothered to find out what snow was, since he had never seen it enough to be amazed at what it was until he was too old for it. That was one of the problems of living in Kingman, the weather was never really anything interesting. Sun, sun, some rain, and then more sun.

That wasn’t to say that Jeremy didn’t hate snow. Quite the opposite, in fact. Only real reason that he was out here walking right now was because of the snow. It felt nice, in a way. Cool and chill without being fucking freezing. He wasn’t even wearing a jumper or anything. He was just trudging through the snow, just kinda looking at the snow covered buildings, seeing how much more different Kingman was when the snow came down.

He thought that Kingman would feel a little bit more apocalyptic when the snow came down. It wasn’t, really. Sure, he couldn’t see many people about, but the places he walked normally had barely anyone there so this wasn’t much different. It was Kingman as normal with a little touch of white, which was boring.

He had gone to his normal stopping point for his walks, the playground at Sumac park. The swings and the park bench were too wet, so he decided to head back a little early. He was walking down a footpath now, a couple turns from his house. Then maybe he could see if he could beat Barthalandus. He needed to get FFXIII done soon, something he couldn't do with a boss that awful in his way.
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