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[Fiyori Senay, continued from Just Wants a Distraction

There were quite a few people who came to the cafeteria without actually eating any of the offered lunches. They did it for a bunch of different reasons. Some were vegetarians, or worse - vegans, who disliked the meat-heavy menu. There were other people, of course, who had allergies, and couldn't eat the food without dying. Perhaps there were even those whose reason was that they were flat-out too poor.

Fiyori, at least, belonged to the category of people who simply didn't like the food's quality. The young woman was a fairly decent cook. She could say that even the greatest catastrophe she ever produced would be more valuable than any of the cafeteria's food. Now, she wouldn't say that thing in particular. Would be kinda rude. And only like, 65 percent true.

There was someone else sitting at her table. Fiyori glanced at the girl's food from time to time, figuring out that she was one of the veggies. She was curious. Did the girl prepare these? Was it her mother? Or father? Regardless, would they taste good? Some veggies turn out to be decent cooks, what with this whole focus on food they have.

The girl finished eating. Fiyori continued with her own salad, but noticed that she took out a DS. There, interest piqued again. Now, Fiyori kinda hated that habit of some. This stupid thing where people wanna know what's happening on your screen and they lean real close over your shoulder. She didn't say she hated it though. 'Cause that'd be hypocritical. Fiyori stared over the girl, slowly munching salad. There it was, this dumb urge to see what she was playing.
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