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((Penelope Fitzgerald continued from Diaries))

Penelope sat back in her chair in the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was, as usual, filled to the brim with people. The noise of their conversation filled the room and drowned out the normal ambient noises of the air conditioning and the clatter of trays and utensils. The smells of the low quality food being served were very mixed, Penelope had no idea what the cafeteria was actually dishing out to the hungry students today. The school normally served some sort of meat as the main dish, which was a big reason she brought her own vegetarian lunch, but she liked to know what they were serving just out of curiosity. Usually when she couldn't tell what was being served she simply looked at the trays of her friends that would sit with her, but today none of her friends had sat down yet. This wasn't entirely unusual, it happened sometimes, but Penelope was getting very nervous due to being alone in a crowded and noisy room.

Her friends not being present only added to the day being an odd one. Today had been a very strange day for her. She turned in the normal assignments and homework and did the normal in-class work, but every teacher she had so far was absent, being filled in for by a substitute. She presumed there was some sort of big staff meeting going on that caused all of them to be missing, but she wasn't sure, and ultimately the reason didn't really matter. Along with that, both of her parents had things to do today, so she was left alone in the house with her two sisters that morning. So many adults and other people being missing all at once just left her feeling odd; she always gets nervous when routine is broken. With routine came comfort, and with oddities came anxiety.

Penelope ate the last bits of the vegetarian spaghetti she packed in her lunch in the morning and put the container away in her lunch bag. She leaned back in her chair a bit more as she started drinking some of the bottled peach tea she kept in her backpack. Even when nervous due to being alone in a crowded area, Penelope never betrayed it, always appearing relaxed on the outside, even if she wasn't entirely relaxed on the inside.

As Penelope sat there hoping at least one friend would show themselves, she reached into her bag and pulled out her 3DS, flipping it open and booting up Animal Crossing in one swift motion.
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