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Noah managed to get back to his seat at the bar. Irene was no longer around, something Noah found slightly disappointing. Not terribly, but slightly. Part of him hoped to get a critique following the show. There were parts he wasn't sure worked as well as others, particularly the rules part. Someone like Irene could at least let him know if the audience was laughing because it was funny or because they were trying to be polite.

On the other hand, Noah figured Irene was probably being polite by skipping out. Considering she tried throwing shade at him earlier, even before he performed, Noah was sure she had some bitter things to say, especially since he brought Pina into the routine. Such was the nature of their relationship. Still, Noah felt Irene was entitled to her opinion, and if she didn't want to share it with him, he didn't have to force it out of her.

"Ah, she left my skins alone. Score."

Noah picked up a potato skin and began to chew. Another performer was getting onto the stage. Noah decided to turn and watch. He had nothing better to do tonight, so why not watch a few more comedians? He relaxed in his seat as the next comedian began with a monologue about how getting his kids ready for school was just like being in the military. Noah knew he had to see where this one went.

((Noah Whitley continued in Prize Fighter))
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