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More movie talk happened. Henry went on about the movie. Yep, the premise was still gay as fuck. It was still apparently pretty good, so again, he was probably going to watch it at some point. He also mentioned the Babadook, which he hadn’t heard of. It was probably good though, Henry seemed to actually have good enough taste, or at least taste that the critics agreed with. Maybe he’d figure out what it’s about when he got back home, or something.

And then Audrey just kinda went crazy and decided that she wanted to make a movie with Henry… Okay? That was a little sudden. He knew that she was kinda energetic but not to that extent. He just sat back at this point, having a little bit more of his cookies and ice cream. Yum.

And then she noticed him. Awkwardddddddd. Well, not really. Ben didn’t really care, but Audrey was making a big deal out of it. Probably a good idea for him to speak up.

“Oh no, it’s fine. I’d totally be cool with playing the slasher movie monster, though.” He grinned a little bit, kinda exaggerated, kinda legitimate.
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