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It was a dark and stormy night, and you

Ahahahahahaha no. Not happening. This was a deconstruction, and just using the cliches without any irony and meaning to them didn’t make a deconstruction at all. Using them but having a bunch of blood and gore and death didn’t make a deconstruction either; this wasn’t TV Tropes after all. He needed to take the idea and actually make it into something new, then hopefully it’d be good in his and the critics eyes. He wasn’t sure if second person would work either for this scene. Maybe third person would work best for what he was communicating.

Wait, what was he trying to communicate or do here in this scene? Maybe just launching into writing the story without any idea of what the general plot was going to be wasn’t such a good idea after all. It was probably a good idea if he did some minor plotting before he actually went through with the story. He remembered some advice that Gloria Tesch gave in a video: if you’re ever suffering from writer's block, try to plot out your entire story from beginning to end and it’ll likely give you back your inspiration. Gloria Tesch was still an egotistical piece of shit who couldn’t write and only got published because of rich parents who wanted to do a massive shit on every writer’s way of life, but she did have a good idea on that one thing.

So he was going to make a plot outline, starting with this chapter, and oh come on did miss webber seriously just come when I was about to write somethi-

Wait nevermind it was just Jerry Larkin who was late. No real opinion on him, other than that he had the most goddamm awful name in the world which continually confused him when it was called out in class. Other than that he was probably a cool dude and he was going to go back to plotting.

So… how could he make a good beginning? It was kinda hard to go into or read a piece of writing without a good opening line. Call me Ishmael, two households both alike in dignity, it was love at first sight. Most of the good books had something that dragged the reader in, and he needed one too. Hmm…

Maybe he should go through the stormy night angle and do something different with it? Yeah, that could work. Now how to do something with it…

The rain fell down from the sky, each drop bouncing off the concrete of the city, completing the natural cycle that kept the earth living. Darkness reigned, the night stretching its reach all throughout the ci

And then Jerry interrupted him again asking for paper. That was rude. You totally don’t interrupt a maestro when he’s doing his work. Jeremy grinned a bit thinking that. He bagged on Gloria Tesch all the time as a bad writer with an ego the size of the moon but if he actually believed those that he was a maestro of writing or something unironically he’d have an ego the same size of tesch, which wasn’t a goo thing at all.

Jerry still wanted paper though, so it was probably a good idea to help him out. Out of kindness, not to shut him up or anything. He tore a page out of his notebook and gave it to Jerry, bending himself on the chair so that he was looking at Jerry upside down.

“Here you go.”

He went back to sitting position and was about to go back to writing, but for whatever reason the page he was writing on wasn’t there.

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