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Michael Crowe- Pregame Start

Just as I thought it was going alright...
I find out I'm wrong, when I thought I was right...
s'always the same, it's just a shame, that's all...
I could say day, and you'd say night...
tell me it's black when I know that it's white...
s'always the same, it's just a shame, that's all...

This was a rare occurrence for Michael. Well, it was multiple rare occurrences that barely happen on their own, let alone together on the same night. First, Michael wasn't driving his motorcycle to his destination, the abandoned paintball arena. He couldn't fit his gun, mask, and box of paintballs into the saddlebags, so he decided to take his father's truck instead. It probably turned out to be a good investment anyways, if he drove his bike at night with the lights off, he'd probably won't be driving home, cyclist luck and all of that. He didn't mind though, it gave him the excuse to plug an old mp3 player with a soundtrack that sounds like it came straight out of an old mafia film. Still, that was only the first rare occurrence. The second is the fact he was even invited to begin with. It wasn't like Alex and Michael hated each other or anything, but they never spoke, outside of some hi's and bye's. But the fact that someone invites you to a paint-ball fight, let alone one in an area that's probably really freakin' illegal to walk in on in the middle of the night, you accept man. You gotta accept.

He was pretty excited though, nobody outside his rather small buddy group invited him to anything, so this was a first. He couldn't wait to get there, his heart was audible through his chest. He was slightly worried in that the old clothes he brought were a misfits shirt that smelled like mothballs, and old cargo pants originally black, but now a dulled brown with bright orange bleach streaks along it. He grabbed the first thing he could that was in the back of his closet, but he'd wished he'd have grabbed something tastefully less worn. Oh well, at least his hair looked good; It looked good right? He looked at himself in the rear view mirror, tilting his head. Yeah, looks great, at least he'd got that one going for him. As he made another turn he began to contemplate how fucking epic this was gonna be. He wondered how many people would be there, maybe ten, maybe four. Hell, maybe he was the only one who didn't get the memo it was cancelled. That'd have been a shame. He turned down the road towards the driveway and at first he thought he was stood up, but as he drove closer, he saw Alex rummaging through his trunk. He spoke to himself as he slowed his driving to find a parking spot. "H'alright, so far so good."

He went towards the end of the parking lot, and backed into a space. He switched to park, engaged his E-brake, and turned the ignition off. He gave himself a good ten seconds to savor the song playing on his radio, before grabbing his bag and walking out his truck. He walked towards Alex, figuring he may as well pass the time and start a conversation. "Ay! Ay, buddy!" He yelled from across the lot to get his attention. Once he got close enough to speak in a mostly-indoor voice, he continued. "Heey man, uhh thanks for invitin' me an' all, uhhh, so... how many people you 'fink are uhhh gonna be here tonight?" Damn, he wasn't good at initiating conversations. "But uhhh, really though, thanks for invitin' me man, I'm glad to be here dude, I been pretty hyped for this." Well, maybe it wouldn't be too awkward.
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