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((Jeremiah Larkin continued from I didn't choose the Puck life, the Puck life chose me))

Jeremiah was late. Very late. But why? Well, he didn't know yet. He had to think of an excuse. Be spontanous, Larkin.

After slowly walking towards the door for his class, Jeremiah went in and began "Apol-"

Webber wasn't here. Yesh.

Jerry then went to his seat, with the relief of not being late in class. He must've scared the other students, though, they must've thought he was Mrs. Webber. He went to his seat with a grin.

He unpacked his bag, took his English stuff out. No, he had no stuff for English in his bag. Not his book, not his noteblock. Nada.

He looked around class and set an "Yo, does anybody here have a piece of paper for me?", into the sound of students talking to each other while there's no teacher.
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