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Well that didn't work out how Alice had hoped it would. Bryony hadn't freaked out like she'd feared, but neither had she opened up, leaving Alice just as in the dark as before. It was apparent from Bryony's reaction that she was hiding something, but Alice didn't know what.

Pressing the issue might make Bryony snap at her, and Alice desperately wanted to avoid that. But leaving it be scared her; people always talked about this kind of thing. If it was a worst case scenario, Bryony might really need to talk to someone, and Alice was in a position to help.

So she pressed on.

"Bree..." She said quietly. She hadn't called Bryony Bree for a while, but now seemed a good time. After all, Alice was her friend, and she really did care. If Bryony needed someone, Alice was hopefully fit for the job.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk, I get it. But I want to make sure you're alright. I'm worried, you know? You're so on edge, and I want to help." Alice smiled gently. "So please, what's been upsetting you?"
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