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"Why should I?" Blair said slowly, still setting her glare on the two boys. Ugh, people who were all, 'let's just be friends' and 'let's talk about our feelings' were so obnoxious. Sometimes you just wanted to be a bitch. So what? Blair did have an idea, though. Making Alessio the bad guy here sounded like a way to feel better.

"I'm the victim here, he's the one who laughed at me. Like..." Mind racing with nefarious plans, Blair settled on one unfortunate fact; to switch blame, she was going to have to actually own up. Damn. "Sorry for being a bitch, but I can't help get mad if someone makes fun of me, especially when I'm as hungry as I am. My lunch did just get ruined, after all."

Blair put on a sad face; slight pout, puppy dog eyes, the works. Getting this high-and-mighty loser to turn on another kid was going to be tough, but Blair would manage. And ooh, this would be a great story for her blog.
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