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Snow in Kingman. Wonderful. Darius once went with his parents to Flagstaff, Arizona to ski there. It has a wonderful panorama and it was fun. Even when he got a cold there, he had lots of fun with the games he brought with him. Man, what did he play at the Ski Resort, again? Metroid Prime Hunters, if he recalled correctly. Fun times.

Snow in Kingman, a rarity. The snow was light, so Darius had to hurry. He picked up snow from the street and formed a snowball.

There was not enough snow here for a snowman, but it was enough for a sweet-looking snowball that was destined to be smashed into somebody's face. No, not face. Torso or balls. More fun than face. No throwing things at faces anymore. Bad memories.

Darius positioned himself behind a corner of the street. He hid there. He watched out.

And then he waited for his first victim to come.
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