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Audrey let out another laugh. There was nothing that phased Henry was there? He just went on and on talking about this movie. What a great kid, Audrey thought. Ignorant of the ways of the world and all that. Come to think of it, Henry would be the perfect main character for a movie (or short film/television series)! Or at least a member of the supporting cast! Ideas started zooming through Audrey's head and she gripped her camera bag almost in excitement. Maybe they could even make it a horror movie since Henry liked those so much? Oh, the ideas!

She sat up, energy bounding through her.

"Henry!" she shouted out at him. "I have the best idea! Let's make a movie, you and me! I'll direct and do the technical stuff and write it and do all the hard work, basically, but you'll be the star! You're going to be my big, shining star! Think about it! Henry, uh, Spencer (character name pending) as the protagonist of our own little indie horror movie!" She bounced up and down her seat, spilling a little bit of her ice cream on her shirt but she didn't seem to notice.

She suddenly looked at Ben and her expression immediately turned sullen. Her breath caught in her throat. Oh, God. She'd done it again, hadn't she? Acted weird, done something out of turn? Damn social conventions, she hated them. Suddenly, she felt a rash of self-consciousness attack her and she swallowed as if her throat had become hoarse - beginning to sweat like someone had turned on the heater during a scorching summer day.

"I mean, er, you know..." Audrey mumbled incoherently as she gazed at Henry - though taking quick looks at Ben as if subtly asking him to forgive her for the sudden weird outburst. "...if you're interested."
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