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Jae only had a few moments to mull over all the implications there before Hazel appeared in the entryway, beaming at him. "Hey..." He had to lean down a bit for her to kiss his cheek. Was his face warm? It felt warm. Was that weird?

"It's been a long week," he admitted in response to her greeting. "It's over now, though." He let Hazel lead the way back to the booth, dropping his backpack into the seat and sliding in next to it. The Treehouse had a cheerful, cozy feel to it, with inviting chandelier-style lights and a muted color scheme of navy and taupe. Right now, with hardly any customers present, it was mostly quiet and relaxed. Pretty nice, all things considered. He'd have to consider coming by for an actual meal sometime.

Jae took a minute to lean back in his seat and close his eyes. Right. Don't be weird here. No bitching about cigarette cravings. Wait, did Hazel even know that he smoked, or care? Jae's brow furrowed as he briefly considered how to bring that up.

Dammit, did just talking to girls always have to be such a minefield?

"Anyway," he said, shoving all the little irritations and worries away for the moment and opening his eyes to focus on Hazel again, "how are you?" Couldn't hurt to kill a few more minutes before the algebra they were here to do reared its ugly head.
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