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The puns got a good reaction out of them, she saw. Too bad Junko’s name wasn’t that punnable, at least in the English language. Was “punnable” a word? She had no idea, but it should be. She’d support every step of it getting into the English dictionary. It had a nice sound, and if… whatever that volcanic ash lung thing was there, along with “swag”, “punnable” should be there too. Anyways. You’d have to go into the Japanese language to get a good pun off “Junko” or “Kurosawa”. And she didn’t think Mia or Jerry was too familiar with that.

Anyways, no more puns, or else Parkinson will have her swamped after school. And she didn’t want that. She had things to do, like… skating. And homework. And games- yeah, not too much, actually. But she didn’t want to spend the afternoon in detention because of crashing and puns and god knows what else.

Let’s just hope the rest of the class goes normally.

((Junko Kurosawa continued in I Hate Mustard))

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