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"I'd be more worried about ruining the headdress. Love that thing." She wasn't joking either, she loved her headdress. When it wasn't in use it sat on a mannequin head on top of her wardrobe, with a plastic bag over it. She almost took as much care of it as she did her guitar; but that was her one true inanimate love. Nothing else could ever match it. It was her freedom and she'd never get rid of it, even once it got old and broken down she would keep it.

Then Coleen announced her sudden departure. Cameron smiled and shook her head again at the other girls social ability. It was semi-decent but it was obvious she didn't always talk to people about her hobbies much. Not that it mattered, she seemed genuine and nice enough. As long as she was a good singer Cameron didn't see any issue in introducing her to the others.

"Yeah see you then." She gave a small wave as Coleen left, then turned her attention to Enza. "So, kinda got sidetracked there. My bad."
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