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Irene listened, while speedy fingers began to pick at her potatoes when they arrived. Ugh. Pretty good, just the right amount of finger slicking grease for flavor, but the state of Irene's dry throat continued to deteriorate, and she liberally coughed between swallows of starch. The lightness of her wheezing failed to communicate the extent of her tracheal agony, she felt like she'd swallowed a mass of jagged metal shards. Only sunk cost fallacy kept her going at the food.

Hm. Why was he smiling at her like that? Irene felt like she'd missed something, but as usual she brushed aside the errant thought of her own mortality.

"Most of the time you're cool, I'm not going to lie. And, I mean, I wouldn't say you're not funny. Just. You know." Irene made a vague motion above her head, some rogue hybrid between an Italian-esque stereotype and a salute to the Third Reich. As if that in anyway clarified what she hadn't said. She figured Noah knew as well as she did, that she was still on some level on his case for his perceived lack of tact concerning the LGBTQQIABCDwhatever. "And I dunno who Woody Allen is so that ref was lost on me, sorrys." Irene's brain briefly churned for any sort of last second recognition of the name before giving up with requisite pathetic farting nose. While she watched a lot of media she usually didn't memorize the names of the actors and talents behind the things she enjoyed, it didn't have the same sort of impact on her.

Another cough, this one nearly including a free sampling of Irene's prior meals, so violent it was. "J-jeez. I'm somehow killing myself here." She gagged back another hacking with a body-wide tremble, a queasy look of disgust etched into her half-open mouth. "Yo! Water!" She flagged down the bartender again, and kept the words coming while she continued to wrestle with the scourges of inflammation for control of her airways. "You- you're next then? What are you gonna be giving the audience today?"

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