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"Oh, shit. They are there. Duh."

Alba shook her head upon being shown where the measuring cups were. She realized she must have still been a bit frazzled for arriving late to class and being behind on making the cake. Still, she had a chance to salvage this mess of a culinary class. All she had to do was make one kick-ass cake frosting, then sit and enjoy the cake with the guys when it was done.

"Yeah. We just need butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla extract. I'll start beating the butter."

She put the recipe card down.

"Could you guys start to measure these out?" she asked. "Once I say so, we just dump everything in."

Alba grabbed a stick of butter from nearby. She didn't get how they were able to look at a stick and figure out how it made a cup, but she just knew to cut it along the line and chuck it into the bowl. Oh, and to remove the paper. Alba was sure she could remember to take that off, but considering how loopy she had been today, she wasn't sure what she was capable of today.

Alba had the butter in the bowl and grabbed the nearby mixer.

"Alright," she said, holding the mixer straight up in the bowl, smushing the butter. "Let's beat the hell out of this butter."

Alba flicked the switch and let out a small cheer as the beaters came to life.
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