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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Yeah, it's not too far from the strip," Noah said. "If anything, I'll at least never get bored while I'm there."

Noah chuckled at Irene's notion of Mrs. Webber skinning people in class for poor writing. Whenever Noah's fantasies turned towards the macabre, he usually imagined it in a weird, loosely animated fashion.

"Nah, I'm usually serious about essays. Sure, I can argue a strange point, but I try to keep it grounded. After all, it's for maintaining a GPA. If I wanted to really spin off a weird-ass interpretation of classic literature, I can take it to the internet. Now, that doesn't mean I won't sneak in some humorous criticism, but I try to stay sane for most of it."

Noah took a quick sip of his drink. Irene looked to be ordering potato skins too. She also said that his stand-up at Cheryl's wouldn't be awkward or offensive for a change. Noah smirked and raised his eyebrows at that. What was that about? For someone who thought looking like a $3 whore was a cute makeup look, did Irene suddenly think he was awkward and offensive?

Nah, she's probably just being dumb and using the wrong adjectives. Still, I can work with this.

"When am I ever not awkward and offensive?" he asked, a slight sarcastic tone to his voice; the kind of tone that blended self-deprecation and slight annoyance. "I mean, if it worked for Woody Allen, why couldn't it work for me?"

God, I hope that's not too patrician a joke.
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