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Well, that was unexpected.

Brendan was not expecting to see Blair knock a cookie out of Alessio's hand and he didn't know how to react at first. He hadn't really thought that she would react in such a childish way. Sure, Alessio had laughed at her but she didn't have to act in such an extreme manner. It was really uncalled for.

Brendan raised an eyebrow when Blair refused to take his offer of his apple and he set it back down on the table. He only wanted to be polite to her and she was just being very immature now. He noticed that Alessio hadn't said anything to defend himself from Blair's outburst.

Brendan let out a small sigh and he rubbed a hand over his face, suddenly feeling annoyed himself. "Look, I was only trying to be nice to you and you shouldn't have reacted in such an immature way." He was talking to Blair with such a serious tone and he turned to Alessio. "And you should apologise to her for laughing at her and Blair should apologise to you for ruining your food on purpose."

Brendan was hoping that the two of them would do this but he kind of had a feeling that they wouldn't. He just hoped that he hadn't just made things more worse for the three of them.
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