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There went the chocolate cookie, down on the ground. Al didn't know what to say, how to react. He didn't know what to reply to Brendan saying that it was rude, because, well it was. He knew that. He couldn't have stopped her either. When she approached him, he assumed she'd scream at him or something; he didn't expect a slap to the cookies.

What he couldn't understand, however, is why Blair would act like such a jerk and ruin his lunch. He really wanted to bite her head off for that. But that'd create just more drama. And, well, he didn't dare to do it. Then he decided to think of a passive-aggressive remark to say to her and shrug it off then, but he couldn't think of anything. And he hadn't had the guts to. So the best solution was to say nothing and put the chocolate cookies that didn't fly around, back into his bag.

He was glad, that Blair didn't want Brendan's apple, because honestly, she wouldn't have deserved that. He couldn't understand why Brendan would even sympathise with her. That was really naïve. Well, okay, moments before the slap, he actually hoped that Brendan would bring a better mood to Blair with the apple and Alessio himself even pitied Blair. But now?

Intentional knocking cookies off his hands. That was not fair in any way. There's a difference between clumsiness and intentionally ruining the food. That wasn't 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. That was bullshit. Blair should know. Blair should realise that. Blair should apologise.

He stared at Blair with eyebrows that indicated annoyance. His eyes tightened a bit. Alessio was Clint Eastwood.
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