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Blair turned slowly to face the two boys, her face wrinkled up in anger as she walked towards them. Not a good look for her.

"You have got to be the most childish little dickwad on Earth, Al." She snarled. "If you think this is funny, let's see how you like it." With that, Blair swung her hand, almost dismissively, aiming to knock the cookies from his hands. That's show him, the little brat. God.

Then, Blair turned her attention to Brendan. "And you." She was, for a moment, tempted to take him up on his offer. But at the same time, Blair hated pity. Her hatred for pity was stronger than her hunger. "I don't need your charity. Or your sympathy. I don't even need your food! Just...go screw off somewhere, mmkay?"

Blair crossed her arms, shooting a death glare at the two boys. She tried not to breathe too heavily; the yelling was making her chest hurt, and she'd look like an idiot if she started hacking.
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