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Mia grinned as Jane moved to fuss over Pepper, as well she should. Pepper wasn’t just a good dog, he was the best dog, in Mia’s eyes at least. As much as she adored kitties with all her heart, the main problem was that if you introduced a total stranger to a cat, then nine times out of ten, the cat would react in a rather unfavourable manner, either via a scratch or via running the heck out of there. Dogs, on the other hand, were always excited to see you, never mind the whos and wheres. Pepper, for instance, was currently torn between being excited over this wonderful new person, or this interesting new dog. Whilst Pepper was pretty much always well behaved, especially right after going for a run, Mia made sure she had a firm grasp on his lead. Better safe than sorry, after all.

“Pepper is a good boy, aren’t you? Aren’t you, you silly thing? Aren’t you?!”

Mia knelt down as well next to Pepper, giving him a third target of living creatures fussing over him, quite possibly blowing his little doggy mind. Whenever Mia was around cute fluffy animals, she totally forgot what embarrassment was and began gushing over them.

Luckily, it seemed as though Jane had seen something on one of the tables that interested her, as she was now looking at that, rather than at Pepper. Mia gave Pepper one final pat, before standing up to wander the tables herself. There was someone else standing around, who Mia guessed was Nathan’s sister or something; she looked a little too young to be from their class. Then again, looks could be deceiving! Maybe she was older than everyone else out here.

Whatever the case was, and whoever the newcomer might have been, Mia gave her a friendly wave as she picked her way through the aisles. Nathan was right; there were a lot of decorations scattered around, and a lot of rather… bulky jumpers and cardigans. Even if Mia had wanted any of them, which she rather definitely did not, she wasn’t sure how she’d be able to take them home without weighing her arms down immensely.

Hmm, actually, that could potentially be a really good work out.

Mia picked up one of the cardigans by the sleeve and held it in front of her with a look of bemusement on her face. Nathan was right again; it was definitely not something she would have worn under any circumstance. It looked warm, at least, but it was there that its appeal towards Mia ended. Even then, it looked like it could easily circumnavigate ‘warm’ and head straight to ‘boiling’. Mia looked up at Nathan and grinned, still holding the cardigan.

“Yeah, uh, funnily enough, I can’t really see myself wearing this whilst running or exercising, Nathan. I’m pretty sure that guy who traveled across Antarctica was wearing this at the time.”

Mia giggled at her own joke - always a good sign - before putting the cardigan down and pawing through the rest of the items on display.

“You said there were a few books and movies around here, right?”


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